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  3. Here we are in Aukland, New Zealand after a 6 AM flight from SydneyHere we are in Aukland, New Zealand after a 6 AM flight from Sydney

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Here we are in Aukland, New Zealand after a 6 AM flight from Sydney
We took a short shroll down to the waterfront at sunset
The city tour took us to nice overlooks and through the Aukland city centre
One Tree Hill and Alexandra Park in the distance
We saw the waterfront from the water side
What a pretty country, with a distinctly more relaxed pace than Australia
That's a lot of dinghies!
HMNZS Te Mana (F111) in Auckland Harbour
What a nice skyline in a beautiful country
How many boat and skyline photos can one person take?
We took the Ferry out to the Bean Rock Lighthouse caretaker's cottage
A cozy place!
Flowers in the cottage bedroom
We must have interrupted the keeper's tea
Here's what it takes to make tea
Too bad we couldn't stay for a spot of tea
Walking back to the ferry
Here's the lighthouse
Typical tourism shot of the Maori boat at the Auckland Museum
Beautiful bead work at the Auckland Museuem
More intricate bead work
I'm not sure we were allowed to touch the outrigger canoe!
Fearsome war masks
Colourful lights - nice innovation in the Auckland War Memorial Museum
Bold, watlike fashion statement
Another bold statement on the Japanese Zero at the Auckland War Museum
Specimens on display at the museum.  Haven't seen such fragile items on display in a long time
Museum stickers making modern art
Arriving at Chriistchurch, we find our hotel on the square with the lovely catheral, before the really big earthquake
More modern art
Good froggie
Walking back from museums, came across a wedding. Classic cars taking wedding party from the church
Ahh, tea time finally, after a long walk back from the museums
We saw a lot of sheep in New Zealand
Chef preparing the ice sculpture for his Japanese restaurant
The lollie slice was delicious!  I would have them again if I could
Getting out of the boat at the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves.  It is a tourist trap, but it is really worth the trip.  No photos insid
One of the fish in the Waitomo River
Lush growth around the glowworm caves
There's cheesy advertising everywhere, even in beautiful New Zealand
We took a coach to Otorohanga, where we lunched on delicious fish and chips
Including the people in the picture makes the Rotorura Hot Springs look more interesting
A very cautious beetle
There are a lot of these in New Zealand
A playful Kea at the Rainbow Springs Nature Park
Yes, it's a duck picture, but it's a New Zealand duck
Iguanas are aquatic it seems
I don't know what kind of flowers these are, but they sure are beautiful
These are stuffed kiwis at the Rainbow Springs Nature Park.  The live ones are too delicate to photograph, apparently!
Spectacular flowers! Especially for January
At the Argodome, sheep of various types looked at us looking at them
Baaa, Ram, Ewe.  To your flock be true!
What are you looking at, buddy
It sounds cheesy, but the Agrodome introduced us to sheep in a fun, humane way, and gave us some appreciation for these beasts.
The sheep sure don't seem to mind being sheared during January summer
I am sure everyone who was there has these photos, but these beasties seem pretty content
Here's the other side, for completeness sake
Some folks got to suckle some lambs
Then some trained ducks
and some dogs.  The sheep really seemed to be much more attentive once the dogs arrived
Lamb petting was next at the Agrodome
Hard to say who was enjoying the petting more
Finally some outdoor herding action.  Agrodome is highly recommended! We would go back!
Shiny fern trinkets
Useful public service message
Waiting for the plane to go to the south island.  No security whatsoever
Waiting at the airport
Here comes our ride!
That's an attractive instrument panel!
Arriving at Chriistchurch, we find our hotel on the square with the lovely catheral, before the really big earthquake
Resting at the Novotel ChristChurch, now partially demolished because of the earthquake
A fine display of New Zealand apples in our hotel room
Finding some fabric street art in Christchurch
B-6 looks good to me
Graceful canal cutting through the city
Many buildings in the Central Business District shut from the earlier earthquake
Freaky looking in at Christmas merchandise knocked about by the quake in shut shops
View of the Christchurch NZ cathedral from our room at the Novotel Hotel (Taken in Jan 2011 after the Christmas 2010 earthquake, but before the big quake in Feb 2011.  Nikon D90 18-200 Nikkor)
All aboard for the Franz Joseph Glacier
Pretty country rolled by.  I grabbed us tea and scones (pronounced "scuns") at one of our stops.
Looks an awful lot like Colorado!  The big difference is the large amount of moisture in the air.
At Arthur's Pass we detrain and reboard the coach
A short damp hike took us to a view of the fabled glacier
Better outfitted folks with more time trekked to the glacier
It was a long way from the parking lot to the edge of the glacier
The food in New Zealand was fantastic!  The lamb was especially tasty and tender
The most fantastic automated free public toilets! Voice prompts and relaxing music.  No not miss them if you are in Franz Joseph
This place has lots of atmosphere - low clouds, deep woods, small buildings against big mountains
Massive coach, small bridge.  Note driver on wrong side of the bus
We had a choice of a jet boat ride or breakfast #2.  Tomato sauce = ketchup
The folks who plumped for the jet boat safari looked like they had fun.
The boats are very maneuverable, it seems
Haast River rocks.  Peaceful.  Looks like granite
Reindeer on the farm
Plenty of sheep as well
Coming around Lake Wakatipu, heading towards Queenstown
Such abundant life in January
Yes, a Nintendo DS cost $NZ 325 and the games cost $NZ 84.  This was the warehouse store
Here's the view from the store, though
What seems to be the problem, officer?
Morning bus ride to Milford Sound
Sun rising over Lake Watapiku
Like Colorado!
What are these white things
Just another day at the office
Looks like a glacial valley
Mirror Lakes doing its thing
Trees at Mirror Lake
Tourists from all over the world enjoyed the views of glacial action
Getting low to include the stream and mountains
Peggy amongst the ferns
Photographers shooting the rapids (taking pictures of waterfalls)
More Previas set up as rentals for campers
Having driven over the mountains, it's time to cruise Milford Sound
Milford Sound cruise establishing shot
The Japanese guests had lovely Bento boxes for lunch.  Our group had very average sandwiches.  Much food envy
I suppose fjords look like this
The cruise ship in the lower left gives a sense of scale.  These are big hills!
Massive waterfalls
The colours of Milford Sound - blue, green, and orange
Other tour boats give a sense of scale to the Sound - it's steeper than it looks
Afternoon seal siesta time
We sailed into the spray of this waterfall
It was a cold day, and the mist made it distinctly cooler
Lens flare plus cascading water
Then add some water droplets to the lens
We took one of these planes back from Milford Sound, an excellent decision!
Our group getting ready to board our flight back to Queenstown 2
Peggy got the copilot's seat!
Establishing shot for the flight back to Queenstown
Number two for takeoff
They are away, so now we are number one
Here we go!
Out over Milford Sound
A really big cruise ship coming in to Milford Sound
She's not a Boston Whaler
Erosion at work
Milford Sound Airport in the distance
All the elements of Mlford Sound- mountains, a waterfall, the marina, and the airport
Better shot of the Milford Sound Airport
Gaining altitude out of Milford Sound
Traffic, 2 o'clock
Wonder what kind of fishing there is down there
Looking for Frodo.  Not here...
Yeah it's croocked, but the composition is better with the other photographer in the frame
Frodo could be anywhere
I've run out of things to say about the landscape
Ridge after ridge of mountains
A tiny stream high in the hills
Coming around Lake Wakatipu towards Queenstown
Intersection of natural and human lines
Mini island or islandette
Found some sheep
And a bunch of trees
Rolling on to downwind leg of approach
On downwind leg now
Pretty, but it must be noisy living there
On final approach
Heavy metal, airport style
These guys help make
these guys, sort of!
Glasses waiting for some customers in Queenstown
Cemetery near Queenstown
In Loving Memory
Pretty as a pin
Kiwi conifers
The word "bucolic" springs to mind
Here's Peggy driving our rental car.  Wheel's on the wrong side.  So are we!
Out for a drive around Lake Wakatipu
An exotic bird? A rare animal? Nope, just dips in the road
Roadside garden center.  Beautiful setting
Lake Tepako.  We got lucky with the clouds
Here's our New Zealand travel group, photo taken by Mel, our guide
Mel returned all the cameras she collected to us
View from the church on the shore of Lake Tepako
Busy bees on the lake shore
Lakeside flowers providing lunch
Ben was thirsty
Gingerbread ChristChurch Cathedral
with candy Santa
Inside the fantastic ChristChurch Art Gallery
A favourite spot for wedding photos
Wedding party number two
Wedding party number three
and in close, working with the photographer
Wedding party three finishing up and party four setting up
Just the thing after a walk
Back at the Millenium Hotel, looking out into Catheral Square
Our last morning looking over Cathedral Square
Ben at the airport, showing how we travel light
Our ride to from ChristChurch to Auckland
Our chariot back to the States, my final Kiwi photo!

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