2011Jan New Zealand Trip by Willis Chung
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Here we are in Aukland, New Zealand after a 6 AM flight from Sydney
We took a short shroll down to the waterfront at sunset
The city tour took us to nice overlooks and through the Aukland city centre
One Tree Hill and Alexandra Park in the distance
We saw the waterfront from the water side
What a pretty country, with a distinctly more relaxed pace than Australia
That's a lot of dinghies!
HMNZS Te Mana (F111) in Auckland Harbour
What a nice skyline in a beautiful country
How many boat and skyline photos can one person take?
We took the Ferry out to the Bean Rock Lighthouse caretaker's cottage
A cozy place!
Flowers in the cottage bedroom
We must have interrupted the keeper's tea
Here's what it takes to make tea
Too bad we couldn't stay for a spot of tea
Walking back to the ferry
Here's the lighthouse
Typical tourism shot of the Maori boat at the Auckland Museum
Beautiful bead work at the Auckland Museuem
More intricate bead work
I'm not sure we were allowed to touch the outrigger canoe!
Fearsome war masks
Colourful lights - nice innovation in the Auckland War Memorial Museum
Bold, watlike fashion statement
Another bold statement on the Japanese Zero at the Auckland War Museum
Specimens on display at the museum. Haven't seen such fragile items on display in a long time
Museum stickers making modern art
Arriving at Chriistchurch, we find our hotel on the square with the lovely catheral, before the really big earthquake
More modern art
Good froggie
Walking back from museums, came across a wedding. Classic cars taking wedding party from the church
Ahh, tea time finally, after a long walk back from the museums
We saw a lot of sheep in New Zealand
Chef preparing the ice sculpture for his Japanese restaurant
The lollie slice was delicious! I would have them again if I could
Getting out of the boat at the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves. It is a tourist trap, but it is really worth the trip. No photos insid
One of the fish in the Waitomo River
Lush growth around the glowworm caves
There's cheesy advertising everywhere, even in beautiful New Zealand
We took a coach to Otorohanga, where we lunched on delicious fish and chips
Including the people in the picture makes the Rotorura Hot Springs look more interesting
A very cautious beetle
There are a lot of these in New Zealand
A playful Kea at the Rainbow Springs Nature Park
Yes, it's a duck picture, but it's a New Zealand duck
Iguanas are aquatic it seems
I don't know what kind of flowers these are, but they sure are beautiful
These are stuffed kiwis at the Rainbow Springs Nature Park. The live ones are too delicate to photograph, apparently!
Spectacular flowers! Especially for January
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