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Item information:

Fed Ex brought in an A300 cargo plane
Julia and Weston in front of the Fed Ex A300 engine
Fed Ex A300 door latches
Julia waving at a Lockheed C-5 while waiting to visit the FedEx A300 cockpit (Pittsburgh Air Show 2012.  Nikon D90 18-200 Nikkor)
Loading hatch and engine nacelle open for display
Both of these vehicles have dual wheel sets in front
Weston and Julia try out the seating in the A300 cockpit
Weston looking for the approach plates.
Julia delighted to be in copilot's seat
Rollers for cargo handing in the interior of the A300
Close up of the rollers
Ball rollers in the hatch area
Flying over the airshow
C-5 Galaxy transport with roll on-roll off doors
The C-5 is not a small thing
Walking to the C-5 front loading ramp
Pretty spacious inside
C-5 Tail towering over us
C-130s based in Pittsburgh
Harrier VTOL jet coming in for a landing
Vertical stabilizer from a C-17, I think
Cobras making a low flyby
Army Cobra helicopter demonstration team in action
Cobras in close formation
F-16 and P-51 flyby
The P-51 is probably at half throttle while the F-16 is probably at idle
The F-16 after its flight
Grey Hercules and B-52
B-52 bomb truck
B-52 vertical stabilizer
B-52 door details
A panel inside the B-52 bonb bay
Looking way up to the B-52 cockpit windows
The President flew in to town as well

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